All Metals Processing Acquires Triumph Processing – Embee Division Inc.

Watson Family Investments

Represented All Metals Processing of Orange County LLC, owned by Stradling client Watson Family Investments, LLC, announced its acquisition of Triumph Processing – Embee Division Inc. from its parent company, Triumph Group Inc. The new company will operate as Embee Processing. The financial terms of this transaction were not disclosed.

All Metal Processing specializes in non-destructive anodizing, dry film coating, plating and other metal finishing processes for parts that will be supplied to the airline, automotive and industrial equipment industries. Embee Processing is a leading aerospace metal finishing company that provides a broad range of non-destructive testing and specialty services. The company generated approximately $42 million in revenue during its 2017 fiscal year.

Santa Monica-based Bjorn Lundberg represented All Metals Processing in this transaction.