Business Litigation

  • OC Public Company Secures Defense Win Following Two Week Arbitration

    Defended OC public company against fraud and breach of fiduciary duty claims seeking more than $140 million relating to the acquisition of the plaintiff's company.
  • OC Public Company Secures Complete Defense Win After Two Month Trial

    Stradling secured a full defense win after a two month trial in favor of its client, an Orange County public company. The plaintiff took nothing, with costs awarded against the plaintiff.

  • OC Public Company - OC Public Company v. Fortune 500 Company

    On May 15, 2017, after a one-week trial before an arbitration panel in Fort Worth, Texas, OC Public Company received an award of nearly $3.5 million against Fortune 500 Company.
  • Prevailed at Trial on for a Public Biotech Company Against a Stockholder's Claim

    In April of 2019, we prevailed at trial on behalf of a Public Biotech Company on all material claims asserted against it in a stockholder's claim to compel an annual stockholder meeting under Section 211 of the Delaware General Corporation Law ("DGCL") and to compel the inspection of a company's books and records under Section 220 of the DGCL.
  • Stradling Litigators Prevail at Trial and Arbitration in Related Cases

    Stradling chalked up two more trial wins relating to the contentious break-up of a twenty year business relationship for breach of fiduciary duty. Not only did the Stradling team obtain a complete defense win on a $9 million claim made against their client, they also obtained a $600,000 judgment in favor of their client in a related case.

  • George Yardley Co. Prevails at Arbitration in Deal Termination Dispute

    Successfully represented George Yardley Co. in a dealer termination case brought against Johnson Controls alleging price-fixing issues. After a three week arbitration with the American Arbitration Association, the arbitration panel held in favor of our client, finding that Johnson Controls committed a per se antitrust violation, including various business torts and breach of contract. George Yardley Co. was awarded in excess of $3.5 million.

  • California Regional Bank Secures Trial Victory in Defamation Case

    Secured a victory on behalf of a California-based regional bank during the first phase of its bifurcated trial in Orange County Superior Court. Two lawsuits were filed against the bank relating to the collapse of an escrow company.

  • Chavez v. Orozco

    Obtained $9 million judgment for our client, a shareholder frozen out of his interest in a tequila company.
  • Plaintiff v. MaxLinear, Inc.

    We represented MaxLinear, a publicly traded manufacturer of high-performance broadband and networking semiconductors, in a lawsuit brought by a customer alleging that the conduct of MaxLinear relating to an asset purchase agreement caused the collapse of its business and now thus $100 million in damages.  After substantial litigation spanning two years, we achieved a favorable settlement.
  • Orange County Public Company Obtains Dismissal in Licensing Dispute with Samsung

    Secured dismissal for an Orange County Public Company in an action brought by Samsung Display Co., Ltd. Samsung’s complaint arose from an agreement under which our client had licensed to Samsung a substantial portion of its patent portfolio and alleged breach of the agreement, tortious interference with prospective contractual relations, unfair competition, abuse of process, and prima facie tort. The court granted our motion to dismiss all but the breach of contract claim before discovery began, resulting in a favorable early settlement for our client.

  • Enterprise Software Provider Obtains Favorable Settlement in Software Dispute

    Secured a favorable settlement resulting in the dismissal with prejudice of all claims on behalf of an enterprise software provider in a dispute over a software license. The plaintiff, a national construction and real estate company, claimed that software developed by our client--but installed by a third-party vendor--did not operate as promised, and alleged negligent misrepresentation, negligence, breach of contract, and breach of warranties.

  • Picket v. Cedar-Sinai Medical Center

    On June 27, 2017, we secured a favorable settlement on behalf of Healthcare Data Works (HCD) and a venture capital fund against claims brought by nine holders of more than $2 million in notes issued by HCD.  HCD's board approved the sale of HCD for cash and stock in another company.
  • O’Donnell Strategic Industrial Reit, Inc. v. Strategic Capital Advisory Services

    We represented Strategic, a broker dealer and financial advisor to REITs, in litigation arising out of the collapse of a $750 million REIT deal.  We successfully petitioned to compel arbitration and then defended that decision on appeal.  After plaintiff moved forward in arbitration, we obtained several favorable rulings that resulted in a favorable settlement for our client.
  • Buyer v. Seller

    After Buyer defaulted on promissory note that was part of the consideration for the acquisition of a number of dental offices from Seller, he filed suit against Buyer.  Buyer responded with a counter claim alleging it had been fraudulently induced to acquire company, but the court granted our motion to dismiss those counter claims with prejudice.  The matter then settled on favorable terms.
  • No Action Taken Against Contractor By City Of Irvine

    Represented Contractor in high profile inquiry by City of Irvine into fraud with respect to the Great Park.  No action was taken based on our defense.
  • Enterprise Software Provider Obtains Favorable Settlement In SOftware Dispute

    Secured a favorable settlement on behalf of an enterprise software provider in a dispute over a software license.  The plaintiff, a significant insurance company, claimed that the software developed by our client did not operate as promised, and alleged fraud and breach of contract claims.
  • Ryan Decker v. Control Devices

    On October 30, 2019, Stradling secured a settlement of claims by and against clients Ryan Decker and Paul Cramer, principals of Cramer Decker Industries, Inc. (CDI). Arising from CDI's sale of Control Devices, allegations of breach of the purchase agreement and fraud purportedly resulting in $5 million in damages. Mr. Decker, as selling agent, filed an action for declaratory relief against Control Devices leading to a favorable settlement including the release of much of the amount in escrow.
  • Jetsuite, Inc. v. Cessna Finance

    Secured a favorable settlement for Jetsuite on its claims that it had been defrauded into acquiring a fleet of aircraft for more than $20 million.
  • State of New York Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Secures a Stipulated Final Judgment and Order Against an Orange County Company

    Secured a stipulated final judgment on behalf of the State of New York Consumer Financial Protection Bureau against an Orange County company and two of its principals in a financial fraud case. The defendants were accused of defrauding veterans and other retirees residing in New York into assigning their pension benefits to the company by making misrepresentations about the nature of the transactions and applicable interest rates.

  • Medical Venture Capital Company Favorably Resolves Partnership Dispute

    Obtained a favorable settlement for a medical venture capital company, a for-profit entity under a Southern California health care system. Our client was a general partner in a partnership that contracted with an Orange County hospital to provide MRI services to the hospital's patients.