Contract Disputes

Contracts form the basis of most business and commercial relationships, and are frequently at the center of most commercial and business disputes. From providing pre-litigation insight during the negotiation of contracts to litigating contract disputes through trial, our team has done it all. Collectively, we have countless years of experience successfully litigating and resolving contract disputes in forums across the United States and internationally.

Our team works hard to learn about our clients' businesses and the issues that confront them. We work strategically and efficiently to reach our clients’ objectives, whether through trial, mediation, law and motion practice or resolution.

Some contract disputes require the matter be resolved through a trial. Not every business case requires a trial and the vast majority are resolved pursuant to a settlement agreement. If a trial is necessary, our skilled trial lawyers are always ready and extremely well prepared. When it comes to settlement, our litigators have a proven track record of reaching favorable resolutions, often along the lines of establishing revised, updated business relationships, including new contracts, licensing agreements and shareholder agreements. These favorable resolutions are achieved through an in depth understanding of our clients’ businesses and objectives.

Litigation, when used effectively, can be a valuable tool for businesses to achieve their objectives, but only if it is managed well with trained, experienced, and efficient legal counsel.