Corporate Law

  • American Advisors Group is a lender in the reverse mortgage industry. AAG provides government insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage loans and has 81 HUD approved areas for business. AAG is ranked among the top reverse mortgage retail originators in the country. American Advisors Group is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, is a U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development approved Lender, and a member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association.

  • Amerita, Inc. is a privately held Specialty Infusion company focused on providing complex pharmaceutical products and clinical services to patients outside of the hospital. This market is expanding rapidly and is driven by increasing healthcare costs that are moving patients into the most cost effective delivery settings, a growing bio-pharmaceutical pipeline of infuseable and injectable medications, an aging population and the recent addition of a Medicare benefit for these products and services.

  • Ceradyne, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development and production of advanced technical ceramics. Vertically integrated manufacturing facilities produce advanced ceramic solutions for the most demanding applications in automotive/engine, oil & gas, nuclear power, solar, industrial, medical, electronic and defense industries. Ceradyne was acquired for $860 million by the 3M Company in 2012.

  • CKE Restaurants, Inc. owns, operates and franchises some of the most popular brands in the quick-service restaurant industry, including the Carl’s Jr.®, Hardee’s®, Green Burrito® and Red Burrito® restaurant brands. The CKE system includes more than 3,200 restaurant locations in 42 states and in 25 countries. CKE is headquartered in Carpinteria, California.

  • Cool Planet is revolutionizing fuel production to address the issue of increasing global carbon dioxide emissions while providing for the planet's ever-growing energy needs. Our patented Biomass Fractionator (BMF) converts plant biomass into conventional high octane fuel through its unique thermo-chemical process and produces a pure solid form of carbon known as biochar. Our carbon negative fuel cycle not only reduces but permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere as we sequester our biochar into the ground as a soil enhancer to improve agricultural production.

  • Deckers Outdoor Corporation finds and builds niche brands into global lifestyle leaders through innovative design and marketing. From fashion-oriented to outdoor, athletic to casual, their brands meet the specific needs of different groups, activities, jobs and individuals.

  • Emcore Solar Photovoltaic technologies convert optical light into electrical energy, enabling power generation. Emcore Fiber Optics technologies convert electrical energy into optical signals, enabling high-speed communication infrastructures.

  • En Pointe Technologies, Inc. is a technology solutions provider that supplies I.T. products and services to medium and large enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies and non-profits nationwide.

  • Endologix is a developer and manufacturer of minimally invasive treatments for vascular diseases. Endologix is focused on the development and marketing of its patented technology for the treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA).

  • Experian® is a global leader in providing information, analytical tools and marketing services to organizations and consumers to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions. Using a comprehensive understanding of individuals, markets and economies, Experian helps organizations find, develop and manage customer relationships to make their businesses more profitable.

  • Finistere Ventures is a leading life science venture capital firm based in San Diego, California, focused on “Food, Energy and Health” related technologies. Their funds focus on technologies related to agricultural innovation and medical devices and diagnostics.

  • Action Sports Portable Obstacles are obstacles that can be transported, linked, placed, or moved with only one or two people. No fork lift required. In the world of action sports there is always an obstacle needed and Freshpark is the only company in the world that can do what it does!

  • Genea Energy Partners, Inc. provides a cloud based software solution for the commercial real estate industry. Genea's Energy Services Platform integrates directly into a building’s energy management system and provides value-added tools to manage tenant-related energy services (afterhours HVAC and lights, and automated submeter reading).

  • Founded by a veteran team of performance-advertising experts, Impact Radius is an innovative, forward-thinking technology designed specifically for the performance advertising and direct response advertising industries. 

  • Integrated Fluidics’ patented technology enables the development of integrated systems that are expected to be broadly applicable to the performance of biological assays, both in life science research and in clinical diagnostics. Such systems allow investigators to precisely concentrate solutes, separate and move molecules based on electrokinetic properties, and optimize reagent and sample mixing at very low reaction volumes (< 5µL).

  • Interventional Spine®, Inc. was founded in February 2000 to solve a key problem confronting surgeons: how to address the aging population and resulting increase of fractures in patients with osteoporotic bone? Fracture fixation devices available at the time had severe limitations when used in the presence of osteoporotic bone. Interventional Spine product development was grounded on the basis of the Company's Compression (CLASP®) technology, which provides effective fixation in both normal and osteoporotic bone. Due to the superior fracture fixation characteristics of the CLASP® technology, Interventional Spine originally designed devices for the Podiatric and Orthopedic Trauma markets, successfully implanting over 4,000 Orthopedic Trauma Products in patients.

  • IQinVision has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing the IQeye line of HD megapixel IP cameras since 1998. A world leader in IP network camera products, IQinVision is renowned for image quality, stability, and reliability in the harshest environments. The company's products are widely deployed in banking, city surveillance, commercial/industrial, critical infrastructure, education, gaming, government/law enforcement, healthcare, retail, and transportation applications. IQinVision is a privately-held corporation headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, California with a regional office in The Netherlands.
  • Iteris Inc. is the leader in providing intelligent information solutions to the traffic management market. The Company is focused on the development and application of advanced technologies and software-based information systems that reduce traffic congestion, provide measurement, management and predictive traffic analytics and improve the safety of surface transportation systems. By combining its patented products, decades of expertise in traffic management and information technologies, Iteris offers a broad range of Intelligent Transportation Systems (“ITS”) solutions to customers worldwide. The firm is headquartered in Santa Ana, California with offices nationwide and in the Middle East.

  • Ivantis, Inc. is a company dedicated to the development of new and innovative solutions for glaucoma. Current therapies for primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) include eye drops, laser therapy, and surgery. But each of these has its limitations. Glaucoma remains the leading cause of blindness worldwide, in need of better treatment alternatives. It is our goal to develop new and effective solutions for ophthalmology specialists and the 70 million people worldwide who are affected by this debilitating and sight-stealing disease.

  • Kingston Technology is the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products.