Electronic Discovery and Computer Forensic Solutions

Technology has transformed many aspects of business to virtually paperless operations. As companies continue to adopt new and useful modes of electronic collaboration and communication, the management of electronic information, particularly during litigation or an investigation, can become burdensome for a company of any size.

At Stradling, we understand that the resources a company can dedicate to Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and document management are limited and that our solutions must be strategic. Responsiveness to client demands for repeatable, defensible processes, cost-effective resources, and local solutions are at the center of our electronic discovery (eDiscovery) strategy, which includes a team of experienced attorneys and eDiscovery professionals who are specialists in their fields.

Stradling’s eDiscovery and Computer Forensic Solutions are driven by four elements – people, processes, technology, and controls. Effective administration and balance of these elements allows us to manage client costs and risks, and deliver effective controls while reducing disruption to daily operations and burden on internal staff.

We have extensive experience with all critical issues in eDiscovery and computer forensic solutions, including, document retention, collections, attorney review, production(s) and efficient, defensible and cost-effective discovery throughout the litigation lifecycle.

We customize each of the following services for clients based on case requirements:

  • Consulting and Project Management: We assist companies in the proactive management of electronic information through implementation of, or improvements to, business processes that enhance value.
  • Preservation and Collection: We address the challenge of preserving and collecting relevant electronic information quickly and defensibly at a predictable cost.
  • Preliminary Assessment and Evaluation: We develop processes to identify and prioritize relevant data, using diagnostic tools to cull vast amounts of information and make critical data primary.
  • Processing: We employ industry-leading processing technology to make responsive information available for review and analysis in a timely manner.
  • Document Management, Review, Production and Analytics: We carefully and cost-effectively evaluate targeted content for relevance using state-of-the-art analytical tools. We identify for review and production relevant findings from prioritized data, while organizing information for future use.
  • Trial and Presentation Support: We develop trial and presentation materials that clearly and persuasively validate facts and positions to fact-finders and adversaries. We offer a full suite of technology services for all pre-trial, trial and post-trial needs, as well as “hot seat” services.  

For more information, please contact Maren Hufton at or (949) 725.4143.