Our India team is led by members of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs). Our Indian-trained lawyers who are qualified to practice law in India, have developed extensive personal and professional networks, including relationships with leading Indian businesses and significant participants in local Indian businesses and professional organizations.

We provide a full range of international legal services and work with our clients to devise the best business solutions. The group also includes lawyers that are fluent in the major languages spoken in India, including Hindi and Punjabi.

The India Practice Group's focus includes:

For more than a decade our team has provided a coordinated approach to serve companies operating in India or seeking to conduct business with entities or individuals in that country, integrating local knowledge and vast networks of contacts with cutting edge understanding of applicable laws and regulation.

India's rapidly changing business environment requires the ability to understand and maneuver through complex legal, financial, and operational matters under multiple legal systems. As a recognized leader serving entrepreneurs, we are actively assisting the entrepreneur in the Indian community in the United States to continue to grow and flourish.

The India Practice Group's experience includes working on behalf of the following India-based companies: