• AtCura is a Southern California company founded in 2012 to empower the person to person connection in the care industry. We are a B2B2C technology company focusing on post-acute care coordination and the long term care needs of the elderly and people with special needs. AtCura established an online platform with an inventory of long term care residential facilities. This is searchable by consumers and health professionals with specific criteria including preferred cultural, social or medical needs. AtCura is dedicated to providing solutions that consistently improve and streamline the industry while also helping the day-to-day lives of those that need care.

  • Biix is on a mission to open up information in buildings. Get the instant information you've been wanting, with biix. With a simple touch of a finger, you can pull up building design, operation and maintenance information. Easily upload files, documents, reports, pictures or videos. It's all available to your entire team - from work, from home, from anywhere.

  • Booxie is made for those who believe that smart and sexy were never mutually exclusive. If you're like us, you love to crack open a real book and read words by the greatest thinkers and storytellers of all time. Many Booxie customers grew up with books on their shelves; we help them keep that tradition strong. Wherever they live, books must line the walls.

  • ChoiceStream delivers solutions that make your advertising – whether a branding or direct response campaign – more effective. ChoiceStream provides the most accurate and effective programmatic media buying for branding and direct response campaigns. ChoiceStream's core technology and analytics discern what data is valuable from all the disparate data sources available to accurately target the best audience for a campaign. Their technical expertise allows them to discover and target the right audiences with display ads that get noticed and elicit action.

  • DreamItAlive empowers users to achieve their goals and dreams in all areas of life using Dreamboards®, visualization, social community based tools, content, products and services, and more. DreamItAlive's mission is to help unlock human potential by empowering people to live their best lives. DreamItAlive asks you the question, who do you need to become to achieve all that you want? After all, creating and achieving dreams requires you to challenge yourself and grow into the very best version of you possible.

  • With FanFlex, determine where and when your favorite bands play. Bands create campaign and you can then demand to see your favorite artists in a venue near you. “Flex” the power of the crowd to control your music world. Fanflex is a new crowdfunding platform designed to bring your favorite bands to your town all from the palm of your hand.

  • Founded by a veteran team of performance-advertising experts, Impact Radius is an innovative, forward-thinking technology designed specifically for the performance advertising and direct response advertising industries. 

  • Likqid Media is a Mobile-First platform to enable publishers to effectively and efficiently capitalize on today’s mobile advertising opportunity. LKQD is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), featuring non-downloadable computer software for use in creating, formatting, optimization and delivery of mobile-first video advertisements via the Internet.

  • My Mobile Watchdog only takes a few minutes to install and makes it fast and simple to see what your child is doing with their phone, setup time limits, app blocking, and what alerts you want to receive. Monitor all of your child’s smartphone use from the parent dashboard. Use the Parent Dashboard to view text and picture messages, contact history, find a lost phone, block websites, turn off apps during homework time automatically, and much more.

  • OnGreen is the world’s largest cleantech social marketplace. Members from across the globe work together, connecting the best ideas in cleantech to funding and expertise, translating IP into ROI. With thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, and business and technology experts spanning 40 countries, it’s never been easier to connect with the people and resources needed to turn today’s energy and environmental challenges into business opportunities.

  • Reach Pros owns and operates BOGOPOD. BOGOPOD is the next generation of environmentally friendly direct marketing and loyalty promotion delivered via email with revolutionary new revenue, relationship, reporting and margin building capabilities.

  • RevolutionCredit's unique engagement platform AND database of unique consumer behavioral economic data transforms the credit decisioning process for both lenders and consumers. RevolutionCredit was founded in 2012 by Zaydoon Munir, a veteran of Experian and the credit and financial services industry. The company is backed by an impressive group of financial services entrepreneurs including the former CEO of FICO and current Board Fellow, the founders of,,, and The company is headquartered in Irvine, California.

  • RightScale cloud management enables organizations to easily deploy and manage business-critical applications across public, private, and hybrid clouds. RightScale provides efficient configuration, monitoring, automation, and governance of cloud computing infrastructure and applications. RightScale supports 9 public clouds, which include AWS, Rackspace, Windows Azure, Google Compute Engine, HP, SoftLayer, Logicworks, IDCF, and Datapipe as well as 3 private cloud providers OpenStack, CloudStack, and Eucalyptus. Since 2006, millions of servers have been launched with the RightScale solution by leading enterprises including the Associated Press, CBS Interactive, Intercontinental Hotels Group, PBS, and Zynga.

  • The SmartRaiser mobile app enables you to directly support your favorite local fundraising cause through the one time purchase of reusable discount offers. The app uses location and notification services to conveniently remind you when you can use your discounts, which you can then redeem directly from your smart phone to get instant savings on your purchases. Think of a community discount card but entirely in a mobile app so you never forget to use it!