Labor Law

Stradling's labor and employment practice has extensive expertise in labor law and collective bargaining with unions.

We provide expert counseling for management from the moment an employer first learns of a union organizing campaign or encounters a picket line, and we guide them through every step of the process.

We educate employers on their rights and obligations in a union campaign, so they can convey management’s position effectively without committing unfair labor practices while assuring that the union does not engage in unlawful tactics.

We are skilled at challenging union petitions before the National Labor Relations Board, and making sure the union activity is confined to the appropriate bargaining unit. We also defend employers who are accused of unfair labor practice charges.

We have substantial experience in responding to strikes, boycotts, hand-billing, and other economic activity, including secondary disputes where employers are drawn into union disputes at other companies.

We have handled bitter strikes that involved violence and property damage. We are expert in litigating such issues before the National Labor Relations Board and in the federal courts.

For unionized employers, we provide advice and representation for employers at the bargaining table, and in drafting the terms of a collective bargaining agreement. Once the contract is signed, we advise employers on how to interpret and implement the agreement while maximizing managerial prerogative.

We have an excellent record in arbitration under a union contract, whether it involves the termination of employees, assignment of work, subcontracting, plant closings, or any other issue.

As in all areas of our practice, the focus in labor law is on managing every workplace issue properly, so it never becomes a lawsuit or a union campaign.