Marc J. Schneider

General Counsel for Stradling
  • (949) 823-5137
  • (858) 926-3001

  • “Marc and his team at Stradling did an outstanding job leading us through the litigation process relating to our nearly billion dollar sale. After a limited discovery process and a very favorable ruling from the Court, they resolved multiple class actions in both California and Delaware (during a hurricane in Delaware, no less!). Their efforts allowed for a smooth closing of this transaction for the benefit of our shareholders.”

    Jerry Pellizzon, Former CFO, Ceradyne
    Stradling led Ceradyne’s acquisition by 3M for $860 Million

  • “Marc and his team at Stradling have achieved fantastic results for my private equity firm. In one suit, a shareholder exercised his appraisal rights after we purchased a company. Marc got the plaintiff to admit his case was a "Hail Mary" at trial, leading to a complete defense verdict. In another, a private equity firm that acquired one of our portfolio companies for $125 million later had buyer’s remorse and filed suit. Marc successfully moved the case from their home court to ours, before convincing the court to dismiss all their fraud claims as baseless. When we filed a substantial counterclaim, the plaintiff quickly agreed to a favorable settlement. In summary, Marc and his Stradling team exceeded my expectations in all matters and were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Marc Schneider for corporate litigation services.”

    Jeff Brown, Founding Partner
    Forrest Binkley & Brown

  • "Years ago I chaired an arbitration panel on an antitrust matter in which my co-arbitrators were a former California Supreme Court Justice and a former California Attorney General. My colleagues and I occasionally discussed during our recesses what an impressive attorney Marc was. Marc's client had an uphill battle--proving an antitrust violation in this case was no mean feat, but with Marc's help, his client did prevail. I would say that even after 20 years as a full-time neutral, Marc was one of the more impressive attorneys ever to appear before me."

    Deborah Rothman,
    Mediator, Arbitrator, Arbitration Consultant, Discovery Referee

  • "General Counsels often have little time to micro-manage outside counsel, and if they have to, it's almost always a bad sign. Marc is someone who instantly inspires the requisite confidence to avoid micro-managing. He is cost-effective, focused on the overall goals of the business as well as the litigation, and practically clairvoyant in anticipating the client's needs. Of the 15-20 outside law firms I dealt with as GC, Stradling, and Marc Schneider in particular, was far and away the best outside counsel we had representing the company in complex litigation matters."

    Todd Wulffson,
    Counsel to CA Employers
    Former GC of multi-hundred-million dollar water park operator

  • "Marc and his team have obtained extraordinary results for us. In the first case, it was a true David and Goliath situation. We’re a local Orange County company, but Marc took on a Fortune 100 company and the head of litigation for a major national law firm. After a complex 3 week arbitration, he obtained a $3.5 million judgment for us. He’s handled several matters since for us, with similar outcomes. When you need results, Marc is always the right choice!"

    Roman Zaretsky,
    President, Yardley-Zaretsky Company