Municipal Restructuring and 501(c)(3) Representations

Stradling combines professionals from its Financial Restructuring and Bankruptcy practice group with those from its public finance/public law practice groups to effectively advise public municipalities and 501(c)(3) entities with their financial difficulties. Through this collective expertise, Stradling is able to represent municipal clients in every aspect of the restructuring process, from developing a plan to renegotiate with critical creditors and constituents, developing an overall restructuring strategy to deal with long-term or emergency financial stressors, working out refinancing alternatives or filing a chapter 9 bankruptcy case if the situation requires.

Stradling’s large network in this industry provides the backdrop by which our team can best develop a strategy to assist municipalities in their most critical times. Whether a financing option entails tapping into the markets, or negotiating with constituents, Stradling’s professionals have the breadth and depth of experience to match any situation.