OC Public Company Secures Complete Defense Win After Two Month Trial

  • Orange County Superior

Stradling secured a full defense win after a two month trial in favor of its client, a significant Orange County public company. The Plaintiff took nothing, with costs to be awarded against the Plaintiff. The case was led by Stradling attorneys Marc J. Schneider and Richard C. Goodman.

Plaintiff, a qui tam relator, had sought damages from defendants in excess of $129 million for actions it claimed violated California’s Insurance Frauds Prevention Act (IFPA), which makes it unlawful to present a knowingly false or fraudulent claim under a contract of insurance. Stradling was first hired by the defendant after the defendant’s summary judgment motion had been denied in the trial court.

Stradling’s trial attorneys had less than two months to prepare for a lengthy trial, but quickly analyzed voluminous court filings, depositions, and documents spanning over a decade to develop their trial presentation. Despite this tight time line, Stradling secured a full defense win for its client.