Public Private Partnerships

Stradling public law attorneys have extensive experience in public/private partnerships (P3) projects. We work effectively with experienced, collaborative teams in connection with procuring and providing property management, operations and maintenance, and sponsorship programs for P3 projects.

These projects include single-purpose, mixed use, and institutional developments. Generally, P3 projects are on strict timelines and have federal, state, and local funding sources that require compliance with a variety of funding requirements and legal regulations. Legal documentation for property management, capital facilities, and other project implementation is extremely important to ensure a P3 project is well managed and is operated and maintained professionally and cost effectively while sustaining revenue neutrality and, if possible, to raise positive revenues for the sponsoring public entity.

In connection with P3 implementation our services include:

  • Providing advice and consultation to the governing board and staff, as well as consultants
  • Meeting and conferring with developers and other service providers as requested by staff
  • Providing advice with respect to project feasibility and risk analysis, as well as evaluating value for money reports if legally required (or determined by staff to be appropriate)
  • Negotiating, drafting and/or reviewing various project agreements
  • Representing the public entity in connection with validation, CEQA, NEPA, financing, and litigation matters

Stradling attorneys have significant experience with, and are prepared to advise public entities on, P3 projects concerning compliance matters and reporting. We can also prepare agreements, resolutions, and notices, and provide advice on matters when consulted.

Our attorneys typically prepare resolutions and notices and review and comment upon staff reports in connection with transactions and other matters where we are involved. We have substantial experience with attendance at board meetings, staff meetings, and all aspects of project planning and implementation.

Stradling currently serves as special counsel to the City of Anaheim for the Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) project. Stradling has been lead counsel to many other public agencies for P3 projects, both transactional/advisory work and public financing.