Real Estate

  • July 2020

    California Appellate Court Rules Development Agreements Do Not Per Se Extend All Terms of a Vesting Tentative Map

    Although the rights conferred by a vesting tentative map are generally for a period not to exceed two years, local agencies may, however, extend the benefits conferred by a tentative map by way of a development agreement. A California appellate court case has ruled, in the case of North Murrieta Community, LLC v. City of Murrieta, that when extending the benefits initially provided by a tentative vesting map, the development agreement need not extend all benefits originally afforded by the tentative vesting map.
  • June 2020

    New Case Limits Local Agency Obligations Under CEQA

    In general, the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”) applies to “discretionary projects proposed to be carried out or approved by public agencies” (California Public Resources Code Section 21080(a)), but are the post-approval decisions of the local agency, including the decision to not abandon a project, subsequent discretionary approvals that also require CEQA analysis? In a recent case before the California Sixth Appellate District, the court answered both questions in the negative, rejecting an argument that would have significantly increased the administrative burden for local agencies.