Redevelopment Dissolution

Stradling public law attorneys are recognized experts in implementation of the Dissolution Act, Assembly Bills x1 26 and 1484 that have caused the dissolution and wind down of affairs of all California redevelopment agencies.

Prior to dissolution, the firm represented more than 50 redevelopment agencies as general or special counsel. Stradling public law attorneys are now counsel to a variety of agencies and public entities, with particular expertise on land use, development, and entitlement matters.

Our clients include:

  • Successor agencies (dissolved redevelopment agencies)
  • Oversight boards
  • Housing authorities
  • Cities
  • Counties

Stradling attorneys have been lead trainers selected by statewide organizations as panelists for seminars and webinars and to prepare educational materials for attorneys, consultants, other practitioners, and public employees relating to implementation of the Dissolution Act.