We Are Trial Lawyers
The majority of cases do not, and should not, go to trial. But achieving the optimal resolution can only come with a credible trial threat. We are a litigation team that is known for actually trying cases. Our deep trial bench includes lawyers with dozens of successful trials under their belts, including a former federal prosecutor, a fellow in the American College of Trial lawyers, federal judicial law clerks, and instructors a trial advocacy programs, all of whom are recognized for their advocacy, creative problem solving, and substantive expertise.

Discovery Best Practices and Trial Graphics
We approach pre-trial discovery as a tool to help us tell a convincing story, not as a means to generate revenue. Our eData team and cutting-edge technology enable accurate and cost -efficient document collection, review and production, as well as courtroom graphics and trial-exhibit management and presentation, without the use of costly external vendors. Because people retain more information when it is presented visually, we incorporate and rely on visual demonstratives extensively. Our lawyers work with our internal team to design their own demonstratives and are knowledgeable both in technology used to create demonstrative evidence and cognitive theories behind it.

Trial Approach
We focus on what makes a difference to the outcome of a case. We win by showing the judge or jury the evidence and making it accessible so they can reach the right decision on their own. We establish ourselves as the sole reliable source of information, and place that information in a narrative that compels the right verdict.

We apply this approach to all types of complex commercial cases, including securities fraud claims, accountants' malpractice cases, breach of contract matters, patent infringement claims, partnership disputes, and other high-stakes litigation, whether in court, in arbitration or before regulatory bodies.

Smooth Takeovers
Stradling trial attorneys have successfully taken over matters previously led by other counsel. Regardless of when we are brought in, we retain our ability to quickly marshal a team of knowledgeable trial lawyers and provide a formidable presence in the courtroom.