Wage and Hour

Stradling's labor and employment practice group has vast experience and a stellar track record in defending wage and hour class action lawsuits against employers in a wide range of industries. Collectively, we have defeated more than 90% of all the class certification motions that we have opposed in class action lawsuits in state and federal court.

We have handled class actions involving anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of potential class members, with potential exposure reaching into the tens of millions of dollars. We have represented employers in a wide range of industries, including restaurants, healthcare institutions, software, manufacturing, construction, and electronics.

We have dealt with every imaginable issue that arises in the wage and hour context, including class action claims for:

  • Meal and rest period violations
  • Overtime claims based on challenges to exempt status
  • Off the clock work, including travel time and preparatory activities
  • Business expense reimbursement, uniforms, and safety equipment
  • Reporting pay, split shift premiums, and incentive compensation plans
  • Seating requirements

We are also expert in conducting internal audits and advising employers on how to minimize the risk of a class action. By conducting confidential internal audits, we help employers identify potential problems before they become lawsuits, such as improperly classified employees, flawed time keeping and payroll practices, or inaccurately worded personnel policies.

Even after a class action lawsuit has been filed, we can greatly reduce potential exposure by conducting an internal audit, and preparing the case for settlement through mediation. On several occasions, we were brought in to assist existing counsel on the eve of a class certification motion, and succeeded in obtaining a favorable settlement through mediation.

Wage and hour class actions are a threat to employers of all sizes and in all industries. We can help any employer navigate this minefield, and minimize their risk and expense, even after the suit has been filed.