About Stradling

About Stradling
Founded in Newport Beach by four attorneys in 1975, Stradling has grown to more than 130 attorneys in ten offices across California, Colorado, Nevada and Washington. Originally a corporate law boutique, Stradling now offers a wide range of legal services. Our attorneys specialize in areas as diverse as corporate transactions, securities and complex business litigation, tax, intellectual property, employment, real estate, public law and municipal finance. This enables us to represent some of California's leading companies and municipalities in a broad array of complex and sophisticated matters.
Why Stradling? 
We're a law firm that believes in forming relationships. A leader in the region for more than 35 years, our working partnership with you is based on a simple, time-tested formula. You expect results. We deliver. We take pride in helping you guide your business through all circumstances.

Cutting-Edge Focus and Contacts
We represent some of California's leading companies and municipalities in a wide range of transactions. Whether it's M&A, your first capital, school bond, lease, your IPO or a follow on offering, we have the experience and the relationships to make your transaction happen. We provide innovative ideas for achieving optimal results for you. No law firm has helped launch more companies in Southern California than we have.

Business Disputes/Resolutions
We are adept at orchestrating cases of all sizes and achieving cost-effective outcomes for our clients. Our nationally-recognized complex business litigation team handles cases of all sizes at all levels for a variety of clients. Whether it's environmental, contract, securities, employment, or intellectual property, we have the experience and track record to help you find a solution to your dispute.

Defending and Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Now more than ever, companies must protect and defend their intellectual property. We have premier patent lawyers who not only get your ideas off the ground from a legal standpoint, they protect any competitive threat to those ideas as your enterprise grows and expands. Few firms combine IP lawyers and trial lawyers like we do.

Innovative Billing and Service Arrangements, 24/7 Availability
We were a startup not long ago. We believe in flexibility, creativity, crafting a billing agreement suited for the service we're providing, and meeting our clients' needs. Our goal is to provide you maximum value.

Volunteerism and Service
In a variety of ways, we are continually investing directly, and through volunteerism, in educational, business, cultural, charitable and civic organizations that benefit individuals and the communities around us. Volunteerism and service are key factors in the attorney recruitment process, and keys to success for Stradling attorneys.