Law Students

Judicial Clerks
Stradling actively recruits judicial clerks as new associates, because we appreciate the substantial value of a clerkship. We recognize that clerkships provide a rare opportunity for future attorneys to interact with a judge, gain an understanding of the inner workings of the courts, and become involved in the legal decision-making process.

For these reasons, we offer competitive bonuses and class credit to judicial clerks who join one of our litigation groups directly after completing a clerkship with a federal court, the highest court of any state, or the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Many of our litigators have served as judicial clerks, in jurisdictions as diverse as the Tenth and Eleventh Circuits, the Central District of California, the Southern District of New York, and the Southern District of Alabama.

If you are a judicial clerk interested in a post-clerkship associate position with Stradling, please submit your cover letter, resume and transcript to our Recruiting Coordinator at recruiting