Summer Program FAQ

How many Summer Associates were in Stradling's 2015 summer program? 
Two Summer Associates.

Which Stradling offices offer a summer program?
In 2016, we are offering a summer program in our Newport Beach office.

How do I apply for Stradling's summer program?
Law students should sign up for one of our on campus interviews. If we are not visiting your school, or if you are unable to obtain an on campus interview, you may apply to our summer program by submitting your cover letter, resume and transcript to our Recruiting Coordinator.

Does Stradling hire first-year summer associates?
Yes. First-year law students may apply to our summer program by submitting a cover letter, resume and transcript to our Recruiting Coordinator no earlier than December 1.

How long do callback interviews last?
Callback interviews last approximately a half-day. Candidates have the opportunity to meet with four to six attorneys for thirty minutes each.

Does Stradling reimburse interview expenses?
We reimburse out-of-town law students for air fare, ground transportation, lodging and meals incurred for callback interviews. We do not reimburse expenses incurred for initial interviews.

How long does it take Stradling to give out offers for summer associate positions?
The Recruiting Committee meets every week to discuss summer associate candidates, so the wait time is usually minimal.

How long will I have to respond to an offer for a summer associate position?
Our offers for summer associate positions remain open for the time periods provided for in the NALP guidelines.

Can I work in more than one practice group during the summer?
Yes, summer associates may work with any of our practice groups. Because our offers of permanent employment come from particular practice groups, we encourage summer associates to work with the group(s) that interest them.

Can I split my summer between two Stradling offices?
Yes, depending on the needs of the offices and the availability of the practice group(s) that the summer associate is interested in pursuing.

Can I split my summer with another firm?
Second-year summer associates may split their summer with another firm as long as they spend their first five weeks at Stradling. First-year summer associates may not split their summer.

How much does Stradling pay summer associates?
We paid our 2015 summer associates $3080 per week.

What criteria are used to evaluate summer associates and determine offer decisions?
Offer decisions are based on the quality of work product, feedback from partners and associates, and a final review by the Recruiting Committee.

Do summer associates compete for a limited number of full-time associate offers?
No. Each second-year summer associate has the opportunity to receive a permanent offer of employment, and each first-year associate has the opportunity to receive an offer to return next summer.

Please note that the information herein is subject to change without notice.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

For more information, please contact our Recruiting Coordinator at: recruiting